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Sleepless in Guadalajara


About 2am this morning a family of 11 campesinos arrived at Hostal de Maria looking for a place to stay.


What was not fine was the fact that they all stormed into my dorm (I was the only one in the room for 6 people), fussed around trying to find a light switch to check out the room... all the while laughing, talking and crying out to each other about whether or not to stay in the hostel. Great. I'm woken up at 2am by a gaggle of women and their male relatives when I need to get up at 6am to get the bus to Colima, south of Guadalajara.

So, I kinda figured that maybe they might notice a body in a bed and be a little more respectful and considerate. Oh no, until 3.30am they continued their intrafamily discussions by which time I was so wide awake that I had no chance in hell of ever falling asleep again. So I got up out of bed and went to chat with Manuel on the front desk who tells me he is going to be shot the next day for letting them stay there because the male campesinos all have the most obnoxious body odour, not to mention the toxic stench of their feet, and this will mean all the dorms will need to be disinfected to get rid of the smell and la dueña is going to be really angry.

So about 4am I go back to bed and sort of start to settle when all of a sudden an orchestra of trumpets erupts into a cacophony of sound: the women in my dorm (the men were transferred elsewhere) are the most horrendous snorers! I let this go on for about half an hour when I could stand it no more (they snore worse than Pater... and imagine 5 of them!) and so I make as much noise as possible to wake them all up (passive aggressive revenge) as I try to find my CD walkman which I hope (together with my Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones) will block out the raucous sound emanating from my room mates nostrils! I'm successful (in finding the walkman and waking them all up) and return to bed where for the next three hours I listen to Maná's new CD, "Amar es Combatir", over and over and over again...

Then at about 7.30am there is movement at the station and the women start to get out of bed and have the nerve to ask me did I sleep well. I almost had an apoplectic fit.

However, I have learnt a valuable lesson: the O'Neil family motto of putting others first before one's self, being considerate and careful not to offend others does not function well in México.

The next time I am in the same situation I will be just as vocal as the Mexicans and tell the lot of them to shut up and let me get some shut eye! I have learnt some really amazingly useful palabrotas recently which I think I could employ to get my message across quite effectively.

So this morning at breakfast the most popular topic of conversation amongst the regular residents here - Sophia (France), Minhi (Korea), Ivan & David (Mexico) - was "did you smell them?!

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